What To Do When Your AC System Is Not Cooling?

Your comfort matters the most when the temperature is extremely high outside. For this, homeowners rely on their AC system. But what if the air conditioning system stops producing cool air? Immediately call our technician for assistance. At Steady Air LLC we are a skilled and experienced AC service provider in Graham. Before you call us, however, there are some tips you can try to fix the issue on your own.

Things You Can Do To Keep Your AC Cooling

If you notice the system has stopped blowing cold air, you can try these below-mentioned steps to revive your AC.

  • Inspect Your Thermostat

A thermostat manages temperature across your house and operates your AC system. If you find your system blowing warm air suddenly, you may turn off the system and inspect the thermostat first. Ensure the thermostat setting is set to the cool option. The fan setting should be auto, and the wires should be tightly connected. If the AC system does not work after changing the settings, call us for our AC repair service in Graham.

  • Air Filters Are Dirty

The filters pull in all the contaminants from the indoor air. The dirty air filters will block air flow and decrease the percentage of cool air in your house. You should immediately clean or replace the filters and check if the AC is cooling down your rooms.

  • The Evaporator Coil Is Frozen.

The evaporator coil is a part of your indoor AC system and contains refrigerant to cool the indoor air. Sometimes, due to dust or refrigerant leakage, the ice forms over the coil and stops the heat exchange. If you hear any hissing noise, it indicates there is refrigerant leakage. You should hire our professional AC repair service in Graham to fix the leakage and refill the refrigerant charge.

  • Leakage In The Ducts

The ducts ensure equal distribution of air across your house. These ducts, over time, collect dirt and dust. Sometimes, the ducts even incur damage due to dirt and debris. If you don’t pay attention to them, the cool air might slip out, and the AC will fail to provide you with a comfortable indoor atmosphere. If you notice any damage to the ducts, contact Steady Air LLC, we are an expert AC service provider in Graham and the surrounding areas.

  • Faulty Motors

If the motors in your air conditioning system start malfunctioning, the entire AC system’s operation is at fault. For example, if the blower fails to work adequately, the blower fan fails to run at full speed, and you might not receive cool air. So, if you hear any strange clicking noise, it is best to call our expert to look at the issue.


When your AC stops circulating cool air in the middle of summer, you should not take this situation lightly. Inspect the issue and call us for AC repair support in Graham or the surrounding areas. The Steady Air LLC experts can help you detect and fix the issue with an effective solution so you do not have any complaints about your AC system.

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