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AC Tune Up in Graham, Puyallup, Spanaway, WA, and Surrounding Areas

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As the weather becomes warmer, you might not be concerned about how well your air conditioner is working. While it might appear to be alright at the moment, things may change on a whim. The hottest days of the year are almost upon us, which increases the likelihood that an AC system will malfunction. It’s time to prepare your home for summer by having your air conditioner serviced. You may save money and have a hassle-free summer with the help of this service. Contact us today for AC tune up in Graham, Puyallup, Spanaway, WA, and surrounding areas.

AC Maintenance and Tune Up

Reasons For Getting An AC Tune-up

For various reasons, you should get an AC tune-up, particularly if you want to keep comfortable and cool throughout the hot summer months. An AC tune-up will assist with HVAC maintenance and guarantee a cool home throughout the summer.

An air conditioning tune-up is a smart approach to reduce future energy costs because it has been proven that AC systems may last longer thanks to regular maintenance.

Cleaning and restoring your air conditioner to its most effective operating state is easy with an air conditioning tune-up.

Regular AC maintenance will keep your air conditioner from breaking down in the future.

Your family will have better indoor air quality thanks to AC tune-ups.

Before the AC tune-up

Our AC technician will contact you before your tune-up to let you know he is on the way and give you a revised estimate of his arrival time.

If you have pets in the house, we recommend putting them away before the technician arrives, both for your pets’ and our safety. Most AC inspections involve our specialist evaluating both the inside and outside of your house, so it’s always best to have your pets secured before.

The coils of the outside AC unit need to be cleaned as part of the inspection. If you haven’t already, turn your water valve for your outside hose back on since the technician will most likely request that you use the hose to clean the outdoor unit.

Throughout The AC Tune-up

When the AC expert arrives, inform him of any difficulties or concerns with your unit, so that the inspection tune-up is as beneficial as feasible.

The actual air conditioning assessment will take 35 to 60 minutes. The equipment’s location and any potential discoveries made by the technician during the examination may affect the timing.

Even though our technician will be concentrating on the outdoor unit, he will inquire about the location of your thermostat and other HVAC components. Be ready to point out the location of your furnace and air handler to the technician. The professional needs to know where these are because the tune-up includes evaluating your interior coils, blower, and operating system.

The tune-up also includes an assessment of your outside unit. If there are any places in your yard you do not want to be disturbed, such as new grass or a garden, let the expert know ahead of time, so they can avoid them.

Following The AC Tune-up

At the end of the air conditioning tune-up, our specialist will present an overview of the work done, answer any questions you may have, and point out any areas of concern that were detected. It makes you aware of previously unknown performance issues with your AC system.

Our AC specialist will also clean up his work area, remove any packing and equipment, and leave the residence in the same condition they found it.

A Team You Can Count On

Steady Air LLC is proud of its competent and professional specialists. Because our customers deserve the best service possible, all our experts are well-trained, experienced, and committed to providing it. Each technician who enters your home is pleasant and respectful throughout the procedure, in addition to offering excellent service.

When you want AC service, contact the professionals at Steady Air LLC. Contact us today to book an AC tune-up or speak with a pleasant, experienced service person.

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