AC Installation In Graham, WA

AC Installation in Graham, Puyallup, Spanaway, WA, and Surrounding Areas

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It’s time to install your new air conditioning system! Here are some tips to help make sure you get everything set up correctly. Contact us today for AC installation in Graham, Puyallup, Spanaway, WA, and surrounding areas.

Guidelines For Window AC Installation

  1. Make sure that your windows are properly sealed before AC installation. If they are not, it can lead to mold and mildew problems due to condensation inside the house.
  2. When installing a window air conditioner, ensure you install it correctly. Ensure that it is placed in the right location and that the ducts are installed correctly.
  3. Once the unit is installed, keep it clean. This includes keeping the filters clean and making sure that the coils are kept free from debris.
  4. Don’t forget to change the filter once per year.
AC Installation and Replacement

Points To Be Considered While Planning For Window AC Installation

  1. Size: The size of your window air conditioner should be based on how much space you have in your room. This means you must ensure that the AC installation unit has sufficient capacity to cool the room.
  2. Location: If possible, place the air conditioner where it can get adequate natural light. Ideally, the air conditioner should be placed at least 2 feet from any wall. This helps to prevent heat buildup in the walls.
  3. Ventilation: Make sure that the venting system allows for proper ventilation. A poorly designed venting system could lead to overheating and mold problems. Make sure that the vents are located away from the ceiling and floor. Also, ensure they are located high enough to allow for good airflow.

Guidelines For Split AC Installation

  1. Make sure your home has enough space for a split air conditioner. Split air conditioners are usually much larger than regular window units.
  2. Check if the ducts on both sides of your home are aligned for AC installation. If not, they need to be adjusted accordingly.
  3. Check for any obstructions before connecting the refrigerant line for AC installation.
  4. Ensure adequate ventilation in the room where you want to install the air conditioner.

Points To Be Considered While Planning For Window AC Installation

  1. Safety First: Before starting any work, always check if there are any current safety regulations in place for working in your area. In addition, make sure you have all necessary licenses and permits before beginning any work.
  2. Start with the Basics: Make sure you start with the basics first for AC installation. This includes checking the wiring connections and ensuring the compressor is properly connected, and the thermostat is installed correctly.
  3. Electric Settings: If you have electric outlets close to your furnace, consider installing a sub-panel near them instead of running extension cords throughout the house.

Choosing The Right Team For AC Installation

HVAC technicians are needed for AC installation. They should know how to install ductwork and registers. They should be familiar with air conditioning units and their parts and should be able to calculate room sizes and temperatures.

When selecting a contractor for AC installation, ensure they know exactly what they are doing – not just how to install the system but also what kind of system works best for your environment. Choosing the wrong system could cost you much more money down the line!

At Steady Air LLC, our expertise and professionalism are second to none. We offer consultations and advice that help our clients install their system correctly the first time. We use only quality materials from reputable manufacturers with a proven track record, making us your reliable choice. If you want to upgrade your current system, upgrading to a higher efficiency unit will mean less energy consumption, lower utility bills, and better indoor air quality.

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