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Winter brings on temperatures that may decrease drastically. It shouldn’t be a problem since all you need to prepare is to turn on the heater. At least, that’s the concept. You don’t want to discover that your heater isn’t functioning properly at the onset of frigid weather.

You may experience various heater issues that require expert heating services in Graham. Your furnace may stop functioning for several reasons. Some may be inspected by yourself, while others require professional assistance.

Analyze Your Heating System's Efficiency

Our experts will evaluate heating systems according to their AFUE (annualized fuel utilization efficiency). This translates into the proportion of fuel that the system will convert into heat that may be used in your house. Heating energy-efficient systems will have an AFUE rating of 90% or above. A high AFUE shows that little heat is lost due to ineffective burners, bad system design, or air leakage.

How Can You Spot Heating Issues?

The warning indicators are generally the same regardless of the type of heater you have in your house. These signs might assist you in learning more about your heater, be it gas, electric, furnace, or heat pump.

When you take care of issues as soon as they arise, staying ahead of heater breakdowns is simple. Some of the signs are:

  • Strange odors: You might notice something strange when you turn on your heater for the first time this season, but that’s just because it has been off since the end of the previous winter. There is a problem if the air from your heater is musty or smells like something burning.
  • Loud sounds: Although your heater does generate certain noises, none of them should be overly loud or concerning. Something is wrong if your heater starts knocking, slamming, rattling, or producing grinding noises. There can be a loose component or a lubrication issue.
  • Lack of heat: Although this may seem simple, something is wrong if your heater isn’t providing heat. Its sole purpose is to heat your house. If you notice a substantial fluctuation in air temperature, your heater may require our heating services in Graham.
  • Short cycling: On occasion, even while your heater is still operating, it turns on and off more frequently than it should. As your heater is still operating, you might be inclined to disregard this, but short cycling stresses your motor.

How To Deal With Heating Issues?

If you have concerns about how your heater is working, you should always schedule a heater service appointment. Steady air is a trusted and well-known name in and around Graham, WA, providing local customers with quick and effective heating services. Our services are not only of the highest caliber but also fairly priced.

Our team can assess the situation and recommend a solution. If heating services in Graham become too expensive, it may be time to replace your entire heating system. A newer unit has a higher efficiency rating and can lower your monthly energy costs for the unit’s life.

Your comfort is important to us. Make an appointment by calling (360) 858-8495 today and get your heating system back in excellent shape.

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