How Do You Know If Your AC Coil Is Dirty?

It can be frustrating when your house has not cooled down when the AC system has run for hours. Dirt and grime buildup can reduce your coil’s ability to draw heat from the atmosphere before it circulates to your home.

The surface of the fins and evaporator, and condenser coil must be clean to prevent frequent AC repairs in Puyallup, WA. HVAC technicians should frequently inspect the coils and fins during air conditioning maintenance to ensure they don’t have any dirt or grime.

Signs That Indicate The Coils Are Dirty

Cleanliness is essential when you want to heat or cool your home efficiently. The indicators below will help you determine if your evaporator and condenser coils are dirty and if you need AC repair in Graham, WA.

  • Reduced Effectiveness

Your air conditioner may suddenly lose its ability to cool your home. It is a sign of a dirty coil. The ability of the evaporator coil to remove heat from the atmosphere is affected by dust and grime. Experts have seen this issue many times during service calls. Contact our HVAC experts if your air conditioner is not cooling as it used to.

  • Higher Utility Bills

A dirty evaporator and condenser coil could cause your electric bill to rise without changing weather or consumption habits. Your HVAC system will run longer if the coils are dirty, as it’s less efficient at collecting and transferring heat. You may run your AC conditioner for long periods to keep your home cool and increase the electricity bills.

  • Long Cooling Cycles

A dirty evaporator coil can cause longer cooling cycles due to its detrimental effect on cooling power, and your AC system will need to run longer to cool your home. Dirty condenser coils can cause short cycling issues, increasing the compressor’s strain and affecting the cooling process.

  • Mildew Odors

If your evaporator coil is dirty, mildew and fungus can develop. The fungus can thrive on dust and humidity and spread throughout your evaporator coil. The mildew-laden air can enter your home through your AC system and create unpleasant odors. Moreover, it increases the risk to your family’s health.

  • Frozen Coil

Condensation can form on an evaporator coil if it becomes too dusty to draw heat from the air. It can cause ice to form over the coils. If your coil is frozen, you should immediately turn off your air conditioner and call our experienced HVAC technicians for AC repair in Graham, WA.

How Can This Be Fixed?

Even though an unclean coil can seem minor, it is important to act quickly. Your air conditioner may have an early failure due to the additional strain the dirty coil places on it over time. It is why regular maintenance performed by an air conditioning company is vital.

Here is how you can avoid the issue:

  • Scheduling annual maintenance service
  • Cleaning the condenser coils with a coil cleaning agent.
  • Cleaning the air filter weekly.

Bottom Line

Dirty condenser and evaporator coils can cause the AC system to function improperly. It is best to schedule annual maintenance services to remove dust, as it is the most common reason behind many HVAC repair issues.

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