Can A Ductless AC System Be Installed On An Interior Wall?

A ductless AC system can provide you with exceptional comfort in warm weather. Contact Steady Air LLC if you are interested in learning more about ductless AC systems or would like to get one installed at home. We are a professional ductless AC service provider in Graham and specialize in HVAC installation. Many homeowners have asked us whether they can install a ductless AC system on the interior wall.

Before answering the question, you should know some essential points to keep in mind.

Indoor Installation Of The Ductless AC

The indoor unit of a ductless system can be installed inside your home with absolute precision. However, before you decide on the indoor installation, you need to keep in mind the following tips:

The Aesthetic Feel Of The Indoor Installation

The indoor installation of ductless AC systems leads to occupying your space. The indoor space might get flooded with multiple wires and tubes. You must also keep this in mind and process the installation with caution.

Choose A Perfect Space In Your House

You can’t just install a mini-split AC if you are not a trained professional. The perfect spot for your AC will fetch many benefits ranging from better air quality and less energy consumption. To help you select a space for the system in your home, contact Steady Air LLC., we are the best ductless AC service provider in Graham and the surrounding areas.

Concealment Of The Tubes And Pipes

In the case of interior wall installation, the pipes run from the indoor to the outdoor unit and are quite visible. If you don’t want these pipes hampering the décor of your house, you need to opt for professional concealment through sleeves and existing home décor. Our HVAC experts might help you with sleeve designs, adequate materials, and colors to complement the overall AC installation.

Adequate Drainage System

Whether a conventional AC or a ductless system, an adequate drain line must be present to push the moisture out of your house. At this point, the drain line is set with the home plumbing drain system. An additional trap is required to prevent sewage gas from entering your house. However, it would be wise to leave this matter to our ductless AC installation experts at Graham professionals to design the layout for you.

Can The Ductless AC System Be Installed On The Wall?

Considering the above points, the ductless AC can be installed on the interior wall. It would be wise to consult our professional HVAC service provider and follow their input. While installing a system on your interior wall can be expensive, our AC technicians will ensure effective temperature control in your rooms.


Hire a professional HVAC service provider to ensure flawless installation in the first place. At this point, you need a reliable service contractor like Steady Air LLC. We specialize in ductless AC installation in Graham and the surrounding areas.

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